sfiDARE CRIT in Bikelore Osakaレースフォーマット


sfiDARE Crit #4


Race Format


Thank you for your consideration in sfiDARE Crit at Bikelore Osaka


We are working hard to step up the scene of fixed gear criterium in Japan, and we want you to be part of it!


Special 2-day format


Due to a very limited timeframe each day within Bikelore Osaka, qualifications and main races for Men are separated over 2 different days. This approach allows us to have smaller and safer qualification heat.




Saturday March 30th:

Men Qualifying heat: each Heat 9 racers

     Duration and Race design: To be confirmed soon

     1st~3rd place of each heat goes directly to the finals (March 31st)


Sunday March 31st:

Women Main Race:

     All registered women access the finales (No qualifications)

     Duration and Race design: To be confirmed soon

     Podium prizes for 1st~3rd place

Men Main Race:

     Duration and Race design: To be confirmed soon

     Podium prizes for 1st~3rd place

     Grid start: Based on qualification results (see below)






Course Design:


-       Course design is still tbd, but due to the small area of Bikelore Umeda venue, sfiDARE Crit #4 will be specially short and technical.


-       We encourage all participants to master the following skills:


-       Tight hairpin turn


-       Narrow 90deg turns


-       Max speed Brakeless slowing down without skidding


-       Tight cornering with other rider side-by-side


-       Before the race, please practice tight and technical cornering, if possible with other riders around you. Be sure you are comfortable with the above skills


-       Style and technical skill will be similar to Rad Race Last Man Standing, a short track fixed gear criterium on a Go-Kart-Track. Very tight. Very short loops. Very technical.


-       Videos available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrTzD-UxR9g

(Note: sfiDARE Crit only allows dropbar handlebar. No flatbar/mountainbike handlebar allowed)





sfiDARE CRIT produced by  104サイクル 〒503-2304 岐阜県安八郡神戸町丈六道361-1