Pre-entry for foreigners(海外の方の先行エントリーを開始します)



Notice from sfiDARE CRIT.

Everyone has been waiting for "sfiDARE CRIT in Bikelore", thank you so much for the enthusiam. 
We will start advance registration for overseas riders

sfiDARE CRIT in Bikelore
Osaka, Umeda Station Area
March 30th: Qualification MEN Heat 1 ~ 9 & Another chance race
March 31st: MEN & WOMAN Final race
(2019-03-30 = 1 race / 8 - 10 minutes) 


{2019-03-31 = 1 race / 20 minutes)

Entry period
From January 30 to February 7

Entry fee
¥ 4,000 (Please pay in cash the day of the race on March 30th)

Eligibility for entry
Male and female over the age of 15 who are healthy and commit to respect Japanese transportation rules
Oversea participants must be responsible of their personal health/travel insurance. 

Please fill in the following information in English (or Japanese) and reply to the following e-mail. 


104cycle contct

● Your Full Name:
● Full Address:
● Telephone: (+   )      -
● E-mail:
● Age:
● Sex: 
● Team Name: 
● Emergency contact - Name: 


● Emergency contact - Telephone: 

See you in Osaka! 


日本にお住いの方はBIKE LOREのHPより「スポーツエントリー」にて2月合計上旬よりエントリー開始します。



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